Why buy minerals from us?

  • APS & Investments Uganda Ltd is one of the topmost companies that can sell and ship its mineral product at relatively competitive rates in the region.
  • APS & Investments Uganda Ltd is among the topmost mineral selling companies in East and Central Africa with the best quality product.
  • APS & Investments Uganda Ltd established a strong relationship with mining specialists with stable sources and reserves to supply in big quantities and are very particular in establishing long term business relationships with buyers from all parts of the World.
  • APS & Investments Uganda Ltd is the topmost company with a trusted qualified team that can ship the product to the buyer’s destination in a specified period of time, thus making APS & Investments the one-stop company to buy your Gold, Diamond, and Coltan.
  • APS & Investments Uganda Ltd is the only company in the region with the ability to offer CIF to the buyer’s final destination.
  • APS & Investments Uganda Ltd, we are one of the mandated companies that have strong business relationships working closely with local miners from East and Central Africa who can directly avail their mineral product to buyers Worldwide on lower rates.
  • APS & Investments Uganda Ltd, we are a company that meets the buyer’s need and fulfills them without any excuses
  • APS & Investments Uganda Ltd, we don’t levy unnecessary charges, customers pay for the product once it’s delivered to their destination and after assay in their reputable refineries, that’s why we are number one in this business.
  • APS & Investments Uganda Ltd, we are the only company that can deliver the product successfully to the buyer’s final destination even if the buyer has not come to our offices in Uganda so long as they have agreed with our terms and conditions and signed agreement with us.
  • APS & Investments Uganda Ltd, we are one of the companies that participate in the regular National and International proficiency testing programmes, auditing, and annual managerial review of our quality policies and procedures making us one of the topmost trusted honest and transparent company.
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