Where to buy diamonds in Uganda

East and Central Africa are our regional supplier of diamonds, The diamond mining process is carried out by manually, hauling away layers of dirt and rock, sometimes 50 feet deep to expose ancient beds of gravel where the crystals are found, however, The Congo (central Africa) has a huge concentration of rough diamonds in the province of Tchikapa and Mbujimay. Brokerily Trusted Dealers Uganda Ltd and Investments Uganda buys directly from the local miners and the rough diamonds are refined for the international market.

Brokerily Trusted Dealers Uganda Ltd and Investments Uganda Ltd possess the best selections of diamonds in different shapes and sizes. The diamonds in stock are Cubes, Uncut diamond beads with strands. We also have a calibrated size of the lot in a loose diamond category. Order from us a wide range of black stone from 0.001 to 5 Carat.

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